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Swami Prakash Kandwal was born 14 may , 1957, in a Brahamin family in the holy land of Garhwal Himalaya , when Libra was rising in the eastern horzon- a sign of love , peace and harmony . Brought up in a spiritual atmosphere, he studied Vedic scriptures in his childhood. A post graduate in Economics with first division from the Grahwal University . He worked as a Bank Officer for a few years and then taught in the same University .

“An economist turned meditation yoga expert Swami Prakashji taught basics of Bliss Meditation to 300 officers of Delhi Police .He has also held similar classes for Corporate executives of various multinationals.”

The Hindustan Times ,
New Delhi (1997)

“Memorial lecture delivered on 50th anniversary Lion’s Internation Club by Swami Prakashji Was eye opening”

President , Lion’s International Lima PERU ,
South America(1994)

“Wisdom of Gita in just three days flat by Swami Prakashji is unique.”

The times of India,
New Delhi (1998)

” Alberto Fujimore will be re-elected as President of Peru in the 1995 elections.(Front page prediction given by Prof. Prakash Kandwal).

Published by National Daily Esoterica del America
PERU(South America)