Learn the method of Meditation to gain spiritual soul power

Founder of Bliss Yoga International Foundation

Swami Prakash was born on 14 may , 1957, in a Brahamin family in the holy land of Garhwal Himalaya , when Libra was rising in the eastern horzon- a sign of love , peace and harmony . Brought up in a spiritual atmosphere, he studied Vedic scriptures in his childhood. A post graduate in Economics with first division from the Grahwal University . He worked as a Bank Officer for a few years and then taught in the same University .

Soon he realised that, he was made for something else . In the quest of higher goals of life, he finally left the job and decided to dedicate himself to search for the ultimate truth of life and spent years with spiritual masers. That was the beginning of transformation . A new life started opening the doors of infinite possibilities. Now he has been teaching Meditation , Yoga and advanced courses to seekers in all walks of life since the last three decades all over the globe .
He was the first person to introduce Meditation , Yoga to the inmates of Tihar Jail in New Delhi and to the personnel of Delhi Police in 1984 . Also , he conducted stress management programmes for corporate executives of various multinationals .He visited North America , South America, Europe and Asia to spread the messages of peace , harmony and fulfilment through Bliss Yoga. He organised first Seminar on Medical Astrology in Lima, Peru, from 2nd to 4th of November 1994. Gave Astrological Guidance and Predication to top businessmen , celebrities and politicians including the President of Peru Mr. Alberto Fuji Prof. Kandwal also wrote a number of articles for many a newspaper and magazine including ‘Shantidoot” of Oslo, Norway and has appeared on Radio & T.V. He has dedicated his life to the growth and development of the Bliss Yoga International Foundation (Ashram), where guidance is provided for the full development of human potential , Mind, Body and Soul – through ancient knowledge

Swami Prakash ji